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현재 1조 선두로 시작합니다. Now, Team 1 is running as Top revel.
FTB Mall is the first decentralized P2P platform in Korea.All altcoins of ERC20 (based on Ethereum) can be traded without
In the FTB distributed mall, the referral function is added. Once after signing up, click the link corner shown below.
First register the site and become a member. For information on signing up, see the link below. link with
AdEX is an advertising altcoin. This project is launched with DAPPs around the world. In other words, it is a
Features of FTB Distributed Exchange Mall 1. Based on Smart Contract - No need for escrow (middleman). 2. Real-time swap
FTB재단에서 서비스 예정에 있는 P2P 거래소 입니다. FTB를 포함한 모든 ERC20 토큰을 사고팔수 있으며, 토큰 외에 다양한 디지털컨텐츠도 거래가 가능합니다.
FTB Mall now introduces P2P trade for any erc20 tokens that can be listing in our site with secured
프로빗코리아 회원가입 ​ 프로빗코리아 회원가입부터 하시고... ​ ​ 여기서도 KYC 인증 필요합니다. ​ ​ ​ 회원가입과 등업을 하셨으면 이제는 업그레이드