How to do Staking in FTB Token Sale Program?

FTB holders can participate in the staking program using FTB Coins offered by FTB Foundation. Participants in staking will be provided with two programs.
        ● 60 days staking with a reward of 8% per month.
        ● 120 days staking with a reward of 10% per month.

Step 1 : After successful login in For staking participants need to click stake now in the dashboard.
Step 2 : Once we click Stake Now, two types of staking options are shown. Select the option which participants are interested in and click continue.
Step 3 : Enter the staking amount which participants want to stake and click continue.
Step 4 : Once confirmed staking,the below confirmation message is shown.
Step 5 : Once staking is approved,click the dashboard and scroll down to see the below message with the daily rewards of return shall be marked and the reward payment shall be made in 30 days. In other words, the daily profit ratio (8/60 or 10/60) is accumulated and paid in 60 days or 120 rewards through staking can be withdrawn monthly.
The principal will be returned after the participants’ staking period as FTBD. FTBD (FTB Dollar, stable coin) can be redeemed as BTC, ETH, Ripple or Tether with an exchange fee of 2%.
Important Note:
1.There is a penalty of 15% for early withdrawal of staking amount.
2.Staking Plan can be changeable based on holders preference.
3.FTB Foundation does not handle financial instruments, and the staking service foundation does its best to provide maximum returns to participants but does not guarantee any fixed interest rates.

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