How to Sell Tether (USDT) at FTB MALL ?

FTB Mall now introduces P2P trade for any erc20 tokens that can be
listing in our site with secured transactions.

Register your information on our site.

You will receive a verification email.
(If you don’t get the verification email, then cannot log in)
If you want to sell/buy ​coins or digital products,KYC procedure is required.
The front and back of the ID card, you can upload it in.
Once the admin approves KYC,you can start to buy and sell.
Now, need to install metamask to the computer

Just go to this site.

If you have installed Metamask Connect Metamask and FTB wallet.
Look in your will have a private key.
(This private key is very important.It should not be exposed to other people.)
Copy the private key and import in metamask.
While you Import Metamask,If you enter your private key.
All the altcoins in FTB wallet connected with Metamask.
Once linked with Ethereum and altcoins.
Now to add FTB coins,click Add Token.
Under custom token,enter the token contract address.
Free toolbox token contract address
Then as below, FTB token is added.
Once you connected Metamask and wallet
Now we go to FTB P2P Mall again.
Click My Wallet,Here you can see automatically linked
with Tether, FTB coin, and ERC20 tokens.
Now I have the tether (USDT),I will add USDT for selling in FTB Mall.
Once clicked seller mode, then click Tokens for sale.
Click Sell ​​tokens.
I want to sell Tether (USDT)
Add Tether smart contract Address​
Tether’s smart contract address is
Just put in a smart contract address field,then
Symbols and decimal numbers automatically shown.
Put the Tether image under the image section.
Enter the exchange rate in FTB.
If you have Tether in your metamask wallet,
The quantity available for sale automatically appears.
Like below.
Here sellers sells the USDT available from their wallet and​
Buyer pays in FTB to receive USDT from the seller.
With final approval
The product is registered.
At this time, if there is no gas cost
you can’t register…Be careful!!
Finally,If you approve the transaction,
Anyone in the world can purchase USDT with FTB coin.
It is traded in real time. You can also check etherscan from metamask
for token listing transaction confirmation.
When you search for a transaction,
It says it takes about 7-13 minutes.​
(If the transaction does not end,then the token is not accurately
registered in the system)
After registering the token, First,you have to wait for approval by the administrator.
Second, transaction confirmation must be completed on Ethereum.
Then the USDT or erc20 tokens can be listed in the FTB Mall site.
FTB Mall is a smart contract based and it is a 100% decentralized mall.
Here in FTB mall all the middlemen or brokers are removed and it is purely
P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions.To buy and sell digital goods or altcoins
FTB mall is the right choice for buyers and sellers and it works in real time and safely.

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