How to Sell Products in FTB Mall?

Step 1 : How to Sell Product in FTB MALL?
To sell products into FTB Mall, click SWITCH TO SELLER MODE then below screen will be shown. (Seller can use the same buyer account to sell, just by clicking one button on top then seller dashboard will be shown)
Step 2: To add products, click Products for Sale and click Add Product.
Step 3: Fill the product details and click Submit.
Once clicked the submit button, the below screen will be seen. Click OK
Step 4 : Now click product for sale, we can see product that was uploaded butwe need to wait for admin approval then only product will be seen in the site.
Once admin approved the product, we can see in Product of sale the product is activated.
Now product that we added will be available for sale in site
Step 5 : To check selling history, click product selling and the below screen is shown.
To check notifications,click the top corner bell button and can see all notifications.

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