How to sell Alt Coins (AdEX) in FTB Mall?

AdEX is an advertising altcoin.
This project is launched with DAPPs around the world.
In other words, it is a proven model with a platform.
People who want to invest in cryptocurrency
should at least consider this platform, but in Korea it is not sure.
Due to the investment atmosphere, it is sad that we do not know
whether there is a platform like AdEX, how many users, etc…
I will post more details about AdEX in future blogs.
You can see the amount of ADX you have and its present value.
There are 1,541.367 ADXs. It is worth $256.97 dollars
Now let’s sell AdEX coin in FTB Mall and connect with metamask.
Click Token for Sale from seller mode.
Click Add Token.
Enter the ADX smart contract address
When you enter a smart contract,
you will automatically see the quantity
available for sale and all the information.
In other words, the coins you have and the system are displayed
in conjunction. So, I don’t need to put any extra information,
I just need to put the price and logo I want to sell.
Logo Image can be searched on the Internet and upload it.
When you type ADEX COIN in Google, many images come out.
In this way, you can upload the logo of the coin you want to sell.
(the logo cannot be change in future so make sure upload correct logo)
According to Upbit, the ADEX price is about 193 won each.
I will put this coin for about 190 won.
So it’s $0.16. The current FTB price is $0.015, so 0.16/0.015 = 10.6666.
I will set the price to 10.7 FTB (the price can be changed at any time).
Once confirmed, the smart contract cannot be cancelled,
so please register the product after final confirmation.
Metamask opens automatically when you submit.
An approval processing request comes in.​ You just have to approve it.
For blockchain confirmation,do
not close or open the window separately
Please wait!
Confirmation is done twice.
First is the ADX Token contract.
The second Ethereum Contract​ If you confirm two things,
Tokens are normally registered in FTB MALL.
Smart contract is completed.
Transactions made by smart
contracts become intermediate escrow concepts, here the
transactions do not require middlemen.
When the token is confirmed on the blockchain,
Now just wait for the admin’s approval
Once the token is registered.
The token I uploaded has been successfully registered on the site.
Now, when someone buys my altcoin,FTB coins automatically credit in my account.
FTB coins can be converted into real cash at Probit Exchange.
You can also get cash on additional exchanges in the future.

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