How to register as a member in FTB Mall ?

Features of FTB Distributed Exchange Mall
1. Based on Smart Contract – No need for escrow (middleman).
2. Real-time swap available – Alt <> FTB <> Ethereum.
3. Anyone can sell their own altcoins – You can purchase or buy it.
4. True OTC Transaction is possible.
Let’s register as a member in FTB Mall.
Once you enter the site
Register as a member.
When you register as a member
Please enter the main information.
You will receive a verification email.
Click Activate your account !!
After checking the verification email
When you log in
KYC verification is required.
KYC Details upload with
the front and back of the ID card (address)
After uploading please mention
document name and number.
(Document can be your Resident card,
driving license,passport, etc.)
Once KYC is submitted,please wait until the admin approves,
Then you can use the system.

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