How to register FTB Token Sale Program?

Free Tool Box introduces a Token Sale Program for buying FTB (ERC20) tokens and can also staking the tokens with monthly gaining advantage of selected percentage interest, buy back program for the tokens which is all specially launched for investors or stakeholders by web.
Step 1 : To register FTB Token sale program

Go to the, the below screen will be shown. If you have an account in FTB App, you can use the same login ID and password for sign in, else create new account by clicking Don’t have an Account.

Step 2 : Create an account with adding all details and click signup.
Step 3 : save the seed and click Go to login.
Step 4 : Now put user details and password,and click sign in.
Step 5 : After successful login,the below dashboard is shown.
Step 6 : Now click My Profile to add the details and click save.
Step 7 : Under the My profile section below, add the KYC documents and click upload.
Step 8 : To change password, click settings under my profile, change password and click save.

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