How to purchase USDT from FTB MALL?

First register the site and become a member.
For information on signing up, see the link below.
Next link with  metamask and site.
By clicking on the logo Enter FTB MALL.
Click on Tokens and search it
When you search
Two registered coins,shows out.​
I’m going to take the tether here
I’ll buy it.

(Tether is USDT, which is a dollar-based stable coin.)

I want to buy a tether of 6.1
The required amount of FTB is automatically
It is calculated and comes out as 385.06 FTB
Current FTB exchange price then $0.015
If you calculate 385.06*0.015 = 5.779 dollars
The profit of receiving $6.1 The calculation comes out.
However, considering the Ethereum fee
I will try to buy as much as possible.
FTB Mall is based on FTB coin so with FTB coins all other
alts and tethers can be purchased.
So without FTB, you cannot buy or sell.  
Suppose If there is only Ether without FTB then
First you need to buy FTB with Ether.
Currently, with the system in the following way
You can buy FTB right away.
Click on any of the above products
Click to buy FTB
You cannot purchase without Ether.
So I put Ether in my wallet and
I bought 100 FTBs.
Enter the desired Tether quantity you want to buy.
Then click Buy with FTB Coin
Connected to the metamask
Confirmation is performed on the Ethereum chain.
(Do not open a new window.
Until payment is completed)
*Gas cost is a fee within Ethereum.
It can be expensive when the network is unstable
If it’s too expensive, try again later.
When payment is complete,Tether comes into my wallet. ​
And my FTB coin is automatically debit.

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