Step 1 : To buy FTB Token (ERC20) in FTB Token Sale Buy FTB from dashboard. Step 2 :
Free Tool Box introduces a Token Sale Program for buying FTB (ERC20) tokens and can also staking the tokens with
FTB (Free Tool Box) wallet is the blockchain based multi-purpose wallet that can be used in the various fields like
Step 1 : How to Sell Product in FTB MALL?To sell products into FTB Mall, click SWITCH TO SELLER MODE
Step 1 : How to buy Product in FTB MALL?After Metamask wallet linked with FTB MALL, now make sure we
Step 1 : Once the admin confirms the user account, we can sign in successfully and fill all details asked
First we need to add a metamask wallet extension to chrome browser. (Click Add to chrome and add the extension
FTB Mall is the digital eCommerce open market platform, where payment is in peer to peer with secured transactions.The main