How to link with FTB wallet and Metamask.

  • First we need to add a metamask wallet extension to chrome browser. (Click Add to chrome and add the extension in chrome browser and open it)
  • Once click the metamask extension, the below screen will be shown now click get started.
  • Now if you already have a seed of metamask wallet you can use it, else click create a wallet.
  • click agree to terms then set new password and then click create.
  • Once a new password is set up,now secret words will be shown. so we need to save that secret words to recovery our metamask account in future..after we saved secret words then click next and test screen will be shown to put the secret key..once we passed the test metamask account is created .
  • Next Metamask account page will be shown like below,then we need to import our FTB wallet with the metamask wallet. so click top corner profile button and click import account .
  • Now open FTB wallet,copy the private key.
  • Once click import account the below screen will be shown, now paste the FTB wallet private key and then click import .
  • After importing our FTB wallet in Metamask, now we need to add FTB Token (erc20) into our Metamask wallet. So click Add Token .
  • Once clicked add token, now click custom token and paste the FTB Token erc20 contract address then click Next .
  • Once we add an FTB contract address, then in Metamask FTB Token balance will be shown that is the same balance available in FTB wallet. Now click Add Tokens .
  • Here we successfully connected FTB wallet and Metamask wallet .

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