What is FTB MALL ?

FTB Mall is the first decentralized P2P platform in Korea.
All altcoins of ERC20 (based on Ethereum) can be traded
without escrow with a secured smart contract.
OTC (Over-the-counter)
Conventional OTC transactions require the concept of escrow.
If I give a coin, if the other party doesn’t pay coin,then
there’s no way to get it, so there’s no reliable financial
institution in the middle, Exchange is also the
same concept with middleman.
But here in FTB MALL doesn’t need that middleman.
If I want to sell the Altcoins or Digital Products then
with ethereum Smart Contract,users who
wish to purchase the product or token can buy or sell it.
The contract is signed automatically, and the items to be
trades are sent right away without a middleman.
This is the real business model of File Coin,
which is now popular in Korea. It’s an embodiment.
However, in FTB Mall all transactions are subject to FTB coins.
You must have FTB coins to make a transaction.
That means FTB coin is the key.
It’s a truly distributed shopping mall.
Here is the list of instructions to use FTB Mall.

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