How to Buy Products in FTB Mall?

Step 1 : How to buy Product in FTB MALL?
After Metamask wallet linked with FTB MALL, now make sure we select the dashboard in Buyer Mode.
Step 2 : Browse the FTB Mall site and select the product which you want to buy.
Step 3 : After we select the product, now click buy this product.
Step 4 : Once click buy this product, the below screen will be shown.
Once confirmed to buy including transaction fee, the below screen will be shown.Now click Ok and proceed the payment.
Metamask wallet will be opened automatically. Now click confirm.
Once you confirmed the need to wait for some minutes to complete the payment and the screen below will be seen.
(Please note while doing payment for first takes some time to confirm payment)
Step 5 : After payment is successful, in the buyer dashboard click Purchase History and Product.
Detailed description of the product purchase will be shown when you click action.
Step 6 : Click wallet in FTB Mall dashboard and also in FTB wallet app to see the available balance after the product purchase.
(FTB Mall dashboard wallet)
(FTB Wallet App)

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