How to buy FTB in Token Sale Program?

Step 1 : To buy FTB Token (ERC20) in FTB Token Sale Buy FTB from dashboard.
Step 2 : Check the address and click continue.
Step 3 : Now put how much FTB Token you want to purchase and select ethereum/bitcoin in mode of payment and click continue.
Step 4 : Check the details which you entered and click make payment.
Step 5 : The payment page is shown, now open your FTB wallet which has an ethereum or bitcoin balance, scan the QR code and make the payment.
Step 6 : After payment is done, in the dashboard can see the order list. Now we need to wait until the admin confirms the transaction and transfers FTB ERC 20 to our account.
Step 7 : Once admin send FTB tokens in our account,click the wallet to see the available balance in FTB ERC 20.

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